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How to partly use your new USB Gecko

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How to partly use your new USB Gecko

Post  Muny on Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:48 am

How to partly use your new USB geco
I have got quite a few people ask "I got USB Gecko how do I make codes" or "I got USB Gecko how do I use it" or even worse: "I need 100 ft USB cable because my Wii is so far away".

So general things:
you should be at least a little aware how to add external hardware to your PC.. like adding an external flash drive or a webcam and install the required drivers for it. It is not recommended to use the standard driver Windows Vista ships with you should know in general how to update it
make sure hacking and code searching is your thing.. WiiRd is a powerful tool but you simply need to be aware what to do with it. Many people just fail at it because they are simply having a hard time to get the general idea on how to use all the stuff! My personal recommendation: get yourself some PC game download Cheat Engine and if you manage to find some addresses in the game using Cheat Engine, then you're clearly ready to go the Wii way - an easier interface is ArtMoney - no matter which one you take, if you manage those tools you manage Wiird! "But me no PC gamer, PC games suxx ass, don't want buy because so shit and it's PC" - die in hell: I am giving advise.. don't buy.. get a freeware game.. hack the amount of rings in Sonic Robo Blast 2... or take whatever freeware game you like.. or get a free game trial version.. if your PC is too shitty to run a game: sorry, I cannot recommend you getting a USB Gecko! I absolutely cannot. And in worst case: even hacking the timer of Minesweeper counts!
If you have hacked consoles or PC before.. then if you like: get a USB Gecko
make sure your Wii is in reach of the PC you'd like to hack it on.. there's absolutely no use in having Wii and PC in two seperated rooms - you should be able to look at your TV.. a solution by the way would also be if you get a capture card (internal or external doesn't matter) to connect your Wii to so that Wii and PC run via the same monitor.. it doesn't matter.. it is just important that you can see the Wii screen and the PC screen by just turning your head and not moving 2 kilometres through your home every time you're checking whether things worked out! Btw: if you have a notebook.. WiiRd and notebooks are absolutely no problem.. connect your USB Gecko to a USB port on a notebook and it's working fine!
And even if you have a shitty old notebook.. I programmed WiiRd to use absolutely old command interfaces.. so you can get a Windows 98/ME driver at (outdated but it will work) and WiiRd will be able to communicate.. some WiiRd GUI features run a little limited (screenshots for example) but in general it will work.

So think about it when you're getting a USB Gecko.. stocks are running low..and it would hurt to see people buying it having no real idea that hacking is indeed tricky while others who'd really have use for it can't get theirs!
Hacking is not like "Connect USB Gecko to become invincible" - you need some basic understanding what's going on there.. in Sonic games you'd just need to set the amount of rings.. in Mario Galaxy you'll obviosly see the power level.. for Zelda.. it's a little trickier but still works (each heart is worth 4 in the memory). Trying out whether you get that idea is easily possible on the PC. It really is: it doesn't cost you money and if you feel it's funny. Great!


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