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Post  Muny on Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:53 pm

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202023C8 00000004
80000000 808A499C
8A000C0F 008A1C1C
80000001 808A771C
8A000C0F 008A499C
80000002 808AA49C
8A000C0F 008A771C
80000003 808AD21C
8A000C0F 008AA49C
80000004 808AFF9C
8A000C0F 008AD21C
80000005 808B2D1C
8A000C0F 008AFF9C
80000006 808B5A9C
8A000C0F 008B2D1C
80000007 808B881C
8A000C0F 008B5A9C
80000008 808BB59C
8A000C0F 008B881C
80000009 808BE31C
8A000C0F 008BB59C
E0000000 80008000
Press Zl is a match

soo much fun to use

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 :: MW3 Wii :: Codes

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