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Instructions for code manager

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Instructions for code manager

Post  Muny on Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:49 am

Instructions for code manager
If you get code manager, It's gonna reward you with an early Christmas present. The next time you insert your SD into your computer, it's gonna give you a folder in your SD card called txtCodes....Guess what that folder is for..................Text Codes (duh?) Now Step by step, this is how you're gonna put in your codes for each game and then I'll show you how to activate them through Codemanager in the homebrew channel itself.

Step 1: For each game you wanna play, you're gonna need a new Document to put the codes....Each came has it's own ID code suc as Black ops America is SC7E52....Well in that case, that is what you'll name that text document....right click and then go to new- text document (not rich).

Step 2: heading the document, after creating and naming the document, you need to head it a certain way so the codes will work....this is how you will head it....ex: americans:
Call of Duty Black Ops
(Skip this line)
First code
(Skip line)
Next code..
etc. repeatedly
Note: code must have title with code directly under it no skipped lines...then when u begin to type in the next code, skip a line.

Step 3: Always save after entering a new set of codes in there and before exiting...

Step 4: insert your SD card into your wii and go to homebrew Channel....(durrr) Go to Code manager and go to SC7E52 for your black ops codes that you applied.

Step 5: then you will Scroll down the list of the codes...every code in there will start off with [-] to the left of it....if you want to activate the code press + on your wiimote to turn [-] to [+] saying the code is activated, do that to all desired codes.

Step 6: When all desired codes are activated you must create a GCT file by pressing 1 on your wiimote....It might be something different for CCP but there's a legend at the bottom of the screen...

Step 7: You then press home to go back to the homebrew Channel home then go to Gecko OS make sure the Options are configured correctly shown in the tutorial made then you can launch the game and pwn noobz....

Have fun and thank CrazyBlackMan AkA AAAxPoweRx for spending an hour making this tutorial....Also if you wanna be my ally Send me your ally code for MW3, or black ops....PS3: BLACK--GOBBLIN XBox Live: KING GOBBLIN


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